Working Together

How will you know if this is a good fit for you?

I love working with women & girls who are ready to Play Big in life. If the following sounds like you, chances are we’ll work well together!

Goal Getters: My best clients are self-motivated. They realize that ultimately “the fire must come from within” and they’re excited to take a step (or even a leap) to achieve their goals.

Achievers with Pluck: My best clients are determined and resilient. They have grit. They have moxie. They know that there is no quick fix, and they’re glad to have someone with them for the long run.

Open Minded: My best clients are open to new ways of thinking, doing, and being.

Love Laughter: My best clients are excited to do the work and they want to laugh along the way. They can be productive and still take a little time to enjoy the journey.

I’m not the best fit for you if:

  • You’re looking for court-mandated therapy.
  • You’re anticipating a mental health diagnosis during our time together.
  • Your parent is “making you talk to someone.”
  • You’re not ready to change your thoughts & behaviors.
  • You’d rather stay stuck.

What results do I help clients achieve?

  • Initiative to run for student leadership.
  • A good day at school. No office referrals.
  • Completing a 5K.
  • Land a dream internship.
  • Less drama at the dinner table.
  • Mindset to start a business & keep it going.
  • Courage to raise your hand in class.
  • Major & career path selection.
  • Successfully connecting with professionals in your field.
  • The audacity to wear whatever you want to wear.
  • Setting & communicating boundaries with family.
  • Peaceful living with the roommate who isn’t a great match for you.
  • An end to the negative thought loop in your head.
  • Fall asleep knowing you slayed the day.

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