Life & Health Coaching

Why Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is goal oriented. It is strength focused. It isn’t just for when things are going wrong. It is about improvement and living your best life.

This doesn’t mean we won’t talk about what’s going wrong, what’s disappointing, what’s painful/hurtful…we will. Then we’ll talk hope, goals, plans, & progress. Life coaching provides support and some active guidance as you work on you.

While you may find some of this in traditional counseling, some of it you won’t. Good thing is, I’m trained in both!

Why Health Coaching?

You have (or are interested in setting) health/wellness goals. You’d like some assistance developing and “sticking with” your plans to achieve these goals. You’d like support and encouragement along the way.

Health Coaching is really a subset of life coaching. We’ll talk about your past success along with any challenges you’ve faced. Then we’ll talk goals, plans, & the mindset needed to achieve them.


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