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Can you recommend a counselor in Maryville? I get this question a lot because of my former role as a psychology professor. And honestly, the options are slim. Especially if you’re not really looking for mental health therapy.

You’d just like someone to work through life’s challenges with. You don’t need to rehash your past (not that all counselors do that), but would love a coach to support you through the present.

If I know you…

You’re a high school or college student with big dreams, a professional working up the ladder, a mom “balancing” your family and your goals.

You’ve read Brene Brown–and she inspired your first tattoo–or was that just me?!

You listen to Rachel Hollis’ podcast–which kind of inspires you, but sometimes her tough love & lack of consideration for privilege is a little much for you.

You know you’re a badass because you post Jen Sincero quotes. Some days you just need a reminder!

You’ve read (okay, listened to) Tara Mohr’s book Playing Big twice and let out a “damn right” every 5 minutes or so.

Liz Gilbert inspired your own Big Magic.

Glennon Doyle & Abby Wambach’s social media posts are relationship goals.

Hello, Michelle Obama’s Becoming?! So good.

You’re Another Mother Runner, because you’re not going to let your youth sport athlete have all the fun.

And Get Rich, Lucky B*tch has you clearing money blocks & manifesting like a mofo.

It’s possible you’ve even bought an online course or two from any or many of these amazing women. But sometimes it’s difficult to teach yourself all of this best life info while you’re actually trying to live life.

I mean you may have to get kids ready for school or excel in school yourself, go to a soul-crushing (or maybe just challenging) job, try to work out, eat clean, KonMari your house, oh and meditate!

How nice would it be to have someone in your corner who gets it?

Your friends are ah-maz-ing but wouldn’t it be great to have a convo just devoted to you? Like a full 30-minutes dedicated to your hopes, dreams, and challenges. Maybe even some mindset exercises to guide you between sessions as a bonus.

I’ve got you!

Sitting in my KC Sterling Sport Mindset office (which I love–there’s definitely a little city in this small town girl), I thought about how great it would be if NW MO had the same access to services.

So here we are! Back to the question Can you recommend someone in Maryville? Often accompanied by I’d rather not drive to St. Joe or KC.

Yes, yes I can! Let’s do this.

My office is in the Luke Therapy Services building at 200 N. Dewey with 4 other amazing business owners. Serious woman power going on in our space. It’s so awesome.

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What is the significance of Lane 3?

I chose Lane 3 for three reasons.

1) If you’re familiar with track & field, you may know that Lane 3 is one of the faster lanes on the track. If you’re in Lane 3 in sport or in life, things are already going fairly well.

You’re likely seeking coaching to “up your game” in some manner. You may be facing a setback, working through a temporary tough situation, or taking steps/making plans to achieve your goals.

2) Lane 3 offers coaching in 3 areas: Life, Health, & Sport.

3) My college softball number was 3. As athletes, we are connected to our numbers. I don’t know why, but it’s definitely a thing.

About Dr. Linda

My love for coaching, counseling, and sport psychology began as a collegiate athlete. I was first introduced to this field as a freshman softball player. I was adapting to college life, a new team, and a new coaching style. AND I was struggling for the first time in my athletic career.

After going 0-6 at the plate in my first two games, I met with a sport psychology consultant. I didn’t even know it was a thing! Seriously, what a difference! I used the imagery and self-talk skills she explained and I was back on track and went on to have a record breaking season.

My athletic career wasn’t all smooth sailing. After that year, I transferred to a new university and suffered an elbow injury (and subsequent surgery) that left me unable to throw for the remainder of my athletic career. Yes, a softball player who was unable to throw. It’s as difficult as it seems! Working through an injury and rehabilitation, a limited role on the team, and balancing my off the field commitments and aspirations, which included staying active in my academic field of psychology and preparing for graduate school, was a challenge to say the least.

I successfully achieved my graduate school goals and I hold two graduate degrees, a M.S. in Counseling Psychology and a Ph.D. in Sport Psychology. I then went on to have a 12-year career as a professor. I taught psychology, counseling, and sport and exercise psychology courses, developed and directed a master’s program, conducted research, and advised/mentored students and student athletes on psychology and life. I hold life and health coach certifications and I’ve earned Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) status through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, which is currently the gold standard for applied sport psychology professionals.

During my time as a professor, it was not uncommon for my office to be a regular stop for students. College students face a number of challenges. They knew that I understood this and therefore sought out advice along the way. I saw many students rise to the challenge academically and socially while some students didn’t fare as well. As a professor, while I had the techniques to help and could often provide some support, I was limited in what I could offer due to my role.

I knew I wanted to do more to assist students and professionals looking to play bigger in life, so I left the academic system to provide a more complete coaching experience.

Because of my background as an advisor and professor, I understand the system, but I’m not part of the system. This is key.

Faculty and other academic or residence life staff are invaluable resources, but can only do so much when it comes to the mindset, adjusting to college, and the skills needed to maintain academic involvement and achievement while excelling in life. That’s where I come in!

As a business owner, wife, mom, and personal development connoisseur, I get the challenges that come after graduation too!

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Since I like to emphasize that we’re more than our major or career, here’s a little more about my fam..

I’m married to Wade, who is the best. Seriously. He’s always game for a new goal. We met in college where he played baseball and I played softball (I know, it’s super beautiful and pretty much meant to be). We have two sons who are amazing (and who are at the ages where they would rather I not talk much about them)! We have two awesome dogs who make our family complete. In our spare time, we enjoy sports, being outdoors, and renovating homes. We have lived in 7 houses in 17 years and recently took on a she shed office project. Never a dull moment with our family!

Life & Health Coaching

Why Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is goal oriented. It is strength focused. It isn’t just for when things are going wrong. It is about improvement and living your best life.

This doesn’t mean we won’t talk about what’s going wrong, what’s disappointing, what’s painful/hurtful…we will. Then we’ll talk hope, goals, plans, & progress. Life coaching provides support and some active guidance as you work on you.

While you may find some of this in traditional counseling, some of it you won’t. Good thing is, I’m trained in both!

Why Health Coaching?

You have (or are interested in setting) health/wellness goals. You’d like some assistance developing and “sticking with” your plans to achieve these goals. You’d like support and encouragement along the way.

Health Coaching is really a subset of life coaching. We’ll talk about your past success along with any challenges you’ve faced. Then we’ll talk goals, plans, & the mindset needed to achieve them.


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Sport Psychology Consulting

For information on sport psychology consulting,

please visit sterlingsportmindset.com. See you there!

Working Together

How will you know if this is a good fit for you?

I love working with women & girls who are ready to Play Big in life. If the following sounds like you, chances are we’ll work well together!

Goal Getters: My best clients are self-motivated. They realize that ultimately “the fire must come from within” and they’re excited to take a step (or even a leap) to achieve their goals.

Achievers with Pluck: My best clients are determined and resilient. They have grit. They have moxie. They know that there is no quick fix, and they’re glad to have someone with them for the long run.

Open Minded: My best clients are open to new ways of thinking, doing, and being.

Love Laughter: My best clients are excited to do the work and they want to laugh along the way. They can be productive and still take a little time to enjoy the journey.

I’m not the best fit for you if:

  • You’re looking for court-mandated therapy.
  • You’re anticipating a mental health diagnosis during our time together.
  • Your parent is “making you talk to someone.”
  • You’re not ready to change your thoughts & behaviors.
  • You’d rather stay stuck.

What results do I help clients achieve?

  • Initiative to run for student leadership.
  • A good day at school. No office referrals.
  • Completing a 5K.
  • Land a dream internship.
  • Less drama at the dinner table.
  • Mindset to start a business & keep it going.
  • Courage to raise your hand in class.
  • Major & career path selection.
  • Successfully connecting with professionals in your field.
  • The audacity to wear whatever you want to wear.
  • Setting & communicating boundaries with family.
  • Peaceful living with the roommate who isn’t a great match for you.
  • An end to the negative thought loop in your head.
  • Fall asleep knowing you slayed the day.

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